David Petraeus: It’s “The Coming North American Decades.” And this is founded — you look at all the economies of the world, you then gradually focus in on North America. All the others are either slowing down, treading water, experiencing reverses. This has been what we call an “asynchronous recovery” for the world, and the United States is recovering at this point in time. I think it’s established now, and I think it’s gaining momentum. This is a result of the kind of spirit of innovativeness, inquiry. Our system, if you will, that has led to the energy revolution, the IT revolution — which enabled all the others — the manufacturing revolution. And now the beginning life sciences revolution. Our country is quite extraordinary. We face a lot of headwinds. We need those in Washington, the elected officials, to help us deal with the debt-to-GDP ratio, with the education reform, comprehensive immigration reform, infrastructure investment. A whole host of topics that need to be addressed that could turn into tailwinds to our economy, rather than impeding the progress that is going to be made because of these revolutions and because of the system and so forth. But we need that help there. Perhaps some of the delegates can at some point assume some of those positions and help us do that.