I actually broke formally in fact with the intelligence community –which of course I later led a major agency of — on that particular report. But it was very straightforward. I said, “Mr. President, I’m breaking with this formally because I’m giving you an assessment based on the situation today. They cut it off two months ago so they could argue out what the community position was, get the editing right, and package it and everything else.” Something we tried to cut down by the way, I might add, when I was the Director of the CIA. I subsequently broke with the community three more times. I think that’s an all-time record for formal. And you know, to imagine a commander of the combat zone is breaking with the intelligence community is a fairly big deal. Interestingly, it was only twice that I felt that they were not sufficiently positive. So it isn’t that I always had a more rosy picture. Twice I actually said they were too positive. That we hadn’t — in fact, the next one in Iraq the following spring — I said, “This is too rosy. It’s not this rosy.” And in fact, lo and behold, we had the battle with the militia and so forth that proved that to be true.