Demis Hassabis: Chess is something, like, I’ve always known how to do.  I learned when I was four years old.  I don’t even remember learning.  I’ve been told often that I saw my dad and my uncle play a game of chess, and they were just normal amateur players.  Apparently, I saw them playing and I asked to play.  They thought, “Well, we’ll just…” you know, humor me and just teach me the rules.  And then, a couple of weeks later, I was beating both of them, and then my dad thought, “Maybe we should take him to a chess club,” and it just sort of went from there, really.  And then, from all my youth, I was always captain of my age group for the national team and usually playing with much older kids.  So I sort of had the chess part of me as being a big core part of my upbringing and who I am.