I think the first thing is you’ve got to know yourself really well.  That’s what I did when I was a kid is like how do you learn best.  What motivates you?  What are you passionate about?  What hours of the day do you work best on?  These are all the things that you are never really taught at school and actually are the most important things are how to get the best out of yourself.  And then I would say once you’ve mastered that, then you should think about building on your strengths and passions to create a unique combination of skills that makes you unique compared to everyone else and develop those strongly.  So I think that’s what I’d recommend, and I think a lot of the big breakthroughs and new companies that are going to be created in the future are interdisciplinary ones, where you make connections between two disparate subjects and you are the only one who can really see the connection between those two subjects, and I think that’s going to happen again and again in the next ten-20 years.  I think it’s going to be where a lot of the big breakthroughs come from.