I, like so many people, believe that the cost of medicine is going up at too rapid a rate. And I feel that if we are going to provide health care to society, that we have to keep the cost within certain bounds. I think that some surgeons and hospitals may abuse that sort of ability — or that opportunity — that they have to escalate the cost of everything, and be completely unconcerned about what things cost. I guess it’s because I was raised during the Great Depression that I have always been concerned about the cost of things. I don’t want to compromise a patient’s care because of the cost, but at the same time, I don’t want to abuse our privilege of providing excellent health care. Some people say the cost is of no concern, this is a human life, and you have to do everything possible. But I think there is a limit to that. And since we do have a high-volume practice, I want to turn some of that back to the individual, so that they can have a reasonable cost of their health care.