I think that one of the things that’s helped me so much in my life — I’ve done some writing, you know — but grammar has always come easy for me since I got that early grounding from a little, attractive teacher in the seventh and eighth grade named Miss Wineheimer. She taught us how to diagram sentences, and taught us the proper way to write. We never were forced to be real strong in composition, but in construction, it was always taught us that we should understand grammar. It disturbs me greatly nowadays when I hear people who are considered to be intelligent, or even intellectual, who can slaughter English grammar. You know, simple little things like using the pronoun “I” when you should be saying “me.” And people always think it sounds better to use the first person singular, “I” instead of “me” as the object of a preposition, and so on. All of those slights indicate to me an inadequate educational background.