There are times where we look at what’s happening on the planet, and we look at what we’re doing, and you think — with all of this exertion that we’re putting into it — and yet we are still in the decline. We’re still losing species. We still have governments that are unraveling everything, and looking at the environment and saying, “Well, that’s not important. What is important is industry.”  But you know, we can’t have one without the other. We have to protect our planet. We have to protect the lungs of the earth, and that’s both ocean and forest. And when it seems like you’re losing all the time in your work, and you’re still having safari hunting coming out and killing lions, you take it on personally, and it can be a little bit like a post-traumatic syndrome. I think that what got us both into it is being inspired, and the love for nature. What drives us forward is those bleak moments. They’re the ones that push us to say, “No, we’ve got to change this. We have to be able to stop those atrocities.”