Dereck Joubert: I had an incident once. Beverly had some flu, so we went back to camp. We both got into bed, and about two in the morning I heard hyenas going crazy. So I got out, left her in camp, went down to the nearest water hole and there were 40 hyenas trying to kill a buffalo. I thought it was worthwhile filming. I parked the vehicle there, and it was when we had the car batteries connected to lights, so I filmed away, filmed away, and as I was filming, the 40 hyenas were displaced by another 40 hyenas from a separate clan.  So I was in this basin with 80 hyenas around, and they had half-killed this buffalo, so they were full of blood, and it was very eerie, it was like having gone to hell. The next thing, they lost interest in the buffalo and came to me. I didn’t have doors on the vehicle, and they started climbing into the vehicle.  So I started the vehicle, but in fact the battery was flat then because of the filming, so all I could do was eventually jump out, run around the vehicle, chase all 80 hyenas away — and you kind of get one shot at this before they find out you’re faking it — and then I ran to the back to the vehicle and started pushing this vehicle, got it onto the roll, rolled down, and it started in gear, and I was able to go back to camp. Got into bed, and I know Beverly said, “What’s going on out there?” And I said, “Ah, nothing.”