Beverly Joubert:  I am spiritual. I’ve always been spiritual. I don’t practice a religion at all. I feel like there’s a lot of dogma around that and a lot of control. So no, I don’t. But I do believe that we are energetic beings and what is sort of governing us in life is love, and we’re all connected. Truly, you and I are connected in that way. So I believe in a presence — a presence.  I’ll tell you what I said on that night, which was something I’ve never said in my life before, but I actually quite silently said, “Light, divine hope.” So I do believe that there’s a presence. I believe that we are living on this planet in a way to be more effective. I think we are all meant to be doing the work of protecting our planet, showing love for each other. Protecting and all the conservation work that we have to do. So my beliefs might sound a little different to everybody else’s, but I do believe that I was in a sort of a wonderful protection at that time.

Dereck Joubert: I think that many religions have overcomplicated themselves. And I think that what we believe in is a far simpler version of that.

Beverly Joubert: Yeah.