Dereck Joubert: We were trying to understand what it’s like to feel like a zebra in the middle of the night, walking through the long grass, knowing that lions could attack you at any time.  So we got in behind what you were driving, and then I got in behind a herd of zebras and just walked with them, and it’s very, very eerie knowing that you’re prey in an environment like that where there’s a lot of lions. So I think it’s about breaking down those barriers.

Beverly Joubert: Absolutely. And there would be times — obviously exercise is key as well — but this particular time Dereck’s talking about we would — through the night, we were on the move following lions. So what he eventually worked out is you can put the vehicle into the second gear, lower range, and we would both get out of the vehicle, we’d be right next to the vehicle, because obviously we don’t want to disturb the situation that could happen, or the animals around.  So we would just walk next to the vehicle, just to be able to get that sensation, but also to get exercise at the same time, and it was key. I think it was key to bringing in that tension. When you produce a film you need to know what everything is feeling.