I decided when my two little kids were one and two years old, to give up being a professor at Harvard. Harvard had been an identity. When you are connected to a university — and especially one like Harvard — you go places and you say, “I’m a Harvard professor.” They know who you are. I had written my Lyndon Johnson book, but I didn’t have the same confidence that I could be as good a writer as I thought I was as a teacher. So it was scary to give up that umbrella in a certain sense. But… I knew that if I could spend the time writing and being at home with my kids, that if I could do that, it would give me more satisfaction, because I wouldn’t feel torn in a million directions, as I was feeling. Luckily, it really did work out, because I don’t think I would have had the chance to write the book on the Kennedys, to write the book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, if I was also trying to teach. I think I would have been doing things sort of half well all the way through. It wasn’t so easy at that time.