The one thing that John Kennedy did, above all else, was to energize young people to feel that they wanted to give something to their country. That’s what the Peace Corps was all about, what VISTA was all about, what the civil rights movement was all about. That wasn’t John Kennedy’s doing, but the civil rights movement is a big part of what made his presidency work. And I know, being a young person in that era, it was wonderful to be alive at that time. I just hope, for young people of this generation, that they’ll experience that feeling once again, that by working on large goals, they can do something more than their own individual ambition. I know from having been caught in the civil rights movement myself when I was young, it made those days much larger. And it was my experience of a war, in a certain sense, going down to Mississippi in the summer, going down to register people in the South. I value that more than almost anything else I’ve ever done.