My husband worked for President Kennedy, was involved actually in writing the Peace Corps speech, worked for Lyndon Johnson and did all the great voting rights speeches. So these kids know how much we believe in all this. It is hard to penetrate the modern feeling — and I understand why they feel it — that politics is about special interests, that it’s corrupt, that it’s not really after these large goals that it was when we were there. Issues that are debated — the balanced budget — are not quite the same dimension as civil rights or the Voting Rights Act. I keep thinking that history runs in cycles, and that some day these large issues will come before the country again. There will be leaders that inspire young people. I don’t think it means that it’s over forever, but I’m getting pretty impatient. I’m hoping it comes soon, so that my young people can know that experience that we knew in the ’60s, and that the World War II generation knew during the ’40s.