Do research. Even if you’re writing the college essay in some ways, you can do a little bit of research to bring it to life. You can’t just expect it all to come from your head. I think the mistaken idea that we have about writing is that somebody sits by a lake and they look at the clouds. There are poets who can do that, who generate their own thoughts with nothing other than what’s in their head. Ninety-nine percent of the rest of the writing is from work you build up. When I do research, I have done — 90 percent of my time is the research, the other ten percent is the writing. So I don’t have to face a blank piece of paper. I can look at this as a quote that I have from somewhere. This is an interview that I’m going to take from that. So it’s not as scary as having to have it come from your head. So I think the most important thing I would tell kids is, “Don’t think of it as something that has to come from your head.”