He so wanted more people to go through the Johnson Library than were going through the Kennedy Library in Boston that, after a while, he used to have them — free doughnuts, coffee, anything to get them in there. And after a while the librarians — knowing how much it mattered to him — used to have a clicker. So they would click themselves in and out over and over again, just to give him an escalated count at the end of the week. So I think the experience taught me, more than anything, that if your ambition comes at the price of such an unbalanced life, that there’s nothing else that gives you comfort but success, it’s not worth it. And to see that at 23 years old was an incredibly invaluable lesson to me, because I think at that time, you think work is the most important thing in your life, and fame and success are what you’re dreaming of. Yet to be able to know that if it’s bought at that high a price, as I said, it’s not worth it. I will always be grateful for that lesson.