I really would get violently ill. So I never ate very much before I competed because I couldn’t keep it down. I often thought it was really like going to your own execution. You know, from the time I got up in the morning I’d be counting, looking at the clock and saying, “Okay, I’ve only got 12 hours until I’ll be finished,” and “Nine hours until I’m finished,” and “Five minutes from now I’ll be finished.” It was just — I couldn’t wait ’til it was over. But once I got onto the ice, and once the music started — after about 30 seconds — I was okay. But it’s just that first 30 seconds, which is why I would always do, you know, one of those easy jumps that kind of — you didn’t really have to worry about maybe missing it, and then the next couple of jumps were always the tough ones, because you’re still full of energy before you get exhausted at the end of the program.