ELIZABETH BLACKBURN: I was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and we have a graduate research program. A graduate program, students come to the program to do their Ph.D. work, which means doing research in molecular biology. So the program attracts terrific students, and one of them was Carol, and then the students choose a lab and a project that they’ll do research in, and I had the great good fortune that Carol chose to work in my lab.

CAROL GREIDER: I remember the day that we actually met. It was during the interviews when I was interviewing for graduate schools and I guess at Berkeley I had actually been accepted, and then I went around to talk to professors just to decide whether I wanted to go there or not. And I had a great time in my conversation with Liz and she was just very excited about what she was doing and I was having such a great time talking to her that the time went by so fast and I really wanted to know more. And I remember I asked you if I could come back and talk a little bit more because I was staying just up the road in Davis. And then between when I came back and when I left, my father had a heart attack and I ended up in the hospital, but I did everything I could to come down because I was going to go back and talk to you some more.   And that was sort of the thing that clinched for me that what I wanted to do was to go to Berkeley and to work in Liz’s lab. That was — you know, typically one goes to a university and then chooses a lab once you go there but that was my goal after meeting her.