As soon as I started looking at the molecular behavior there was something unusual about the way the DNA was behaving and then subsequent experiments by us and by others, you know, over the next few years said, “Ah, there’s something going on here which is different.” So now why are they important? So now, you know, fast forwarding and jump ahead now to much more what we know. We know that the genetic material is in long thread-like molecule, DNA molecules, and they have — each DNA molecule has two ends and the ends have to be protected. Otherwise they kind of chemically fray away every time the cells multiply and so it turned out to be particularly important to cells that they protect the ends and furthermore that they replenish the ends of DNA. And it was that replenishment that was going on and giving rise to the strange behavior of the DNA that made us first suspicious and then Carol and I then — you know, we’ll look for telomerase so we didn’t stumble over telomerase. It was something that — there was some reason to think might exist but it would take some real digging to get it.