You don’t dare dwell too long on excitement but — but I did have this, “Ah, yes. This is looking very…” This sort of gut feeling. “This is looking good.” Carol had it. She knew. But again, we had to both do this sort of tough testing of it, and there wasn’t a set of rules by which to test it, so we had to sort of imagine — day, week, month after month — had to imagine all the possible things it could be that would make the whole thing fall on its face and look like it was just a false lead. You had to keep thinking of more and more possibilities, because nature is kind of complicated, and there’s lots of things that can go wrong, and you don’t want to fool yourself. So that process went on for quite a while, but in a way it’s sort of like an intellectual thing. You’re trying to say, “Can you be smarter than nature?” in a way. Can you dig something out that has been hard to find? Telomerase — there’s not a lot of telomerase. This is why it didn’t show up 20 or 30 years ago. There’s not a lot of it. It had to be teased out and distinguished against all of the other kinds of things, all of the other enzymes in cells that do related — but not the same — kinds of things.