Carol Greider: We started sometime around in May, trying various things to try to devise a way to find something that nobody had ever seen before. So what we had to do was to test out a whole bunch of different things, just empirically, to determine whether or not we could see something. So it was probably seven or eight months of doing that before we made this particular change in the way we did the experiment. So I did the experiment. The experiment was actually set up some time before Christmas time — and these kinds of experiments take four or five days for you to actually get the results. It was on Christmas Day that I came back in and developed the gel and saw this result. That Christmas, and other Christmases, it was important to be in the lab, because family things were very difficult, so I wanted to have something to do. So it was very nice that here I was, trying to keep focused, and something great came out of it.