One of the things about my interaction with Liz is I always would try and sort of hide away for at least an hour or two with new results. I recall at other times actually turning and going into another room when I saw her coming down the hall, so I could sit and think with my data for about ten minutes because she was always so much quicker than I was at getting to what this essential thing meant. So I did have — because I did develop it on Christmas Day — I had at least a day and a half to sit and think with the results and sort of mull over what they might mean. And then, of course, met with Liz and we went over them together, and because again it was Christmas time, just after that I took off for a trip that I was going to take. So I had another two or three weeks to sit on my own and try and plan out, what did I think the next set of experiments might be, so that I could have some time to sort of think things through, and then was able to come back and we could sit down together with Liz and go over things.