Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Samuel Doe was a sergeant, a very young sergeant who led the rebellion and led all the action that took over. He pronounced himself the leader and proceeded to govern.  Of course, he started off making sure that the order was totally challenged and uprooted.  But it didn’t take very long for him to adopt some of the same practices that he and his colleagues had criticized so much. As a matter of fact, even worse, because they introduced violence into the society and they ruled by fiat, by decrees. The criticism of the settler population monopolizing power was simply replaced by his own ethnic group monopolizing power.  And of course, there was not much done.  A lot of corruption, not much development. And the brain drain, most of the talented people left the country.  Capital flight, most of the businesses closed and sent their money out, and that started the economic freefall that we’re only just recovering from.