On the one hand, you have to be strong enough to take the hard decisions that classify you — characterize you — as an Iron Lady. Meaning, in the midst of what may be formidable forces, you have to make the right decision and stand by it with the course it takes. But then we’re also in a society of many young people, children. Children who had lost all hope, and just a few years ago you saw nothing but despair in their eyes. You want to be able to reach out to them with the sensitivity of a mother and grandmother. So in that environment you have — and I’m so glad that one of the things I always said was — to make the children smile again. Whereas before, if they saw a presidential convoy approaching, they would all run helter-skelter, because they didn’t know what would happen to their parents. Security agents coming to look for… but today, if the siren sounds, they all gather on the streets, and most times I get down off the… so the “Ma” comes from that. It’s a nice name for a grandmother.