I tried to write that novel from the first person point of view, and that was from the Lou Dimes point of view. Lou Dimes is Candy’s boyfriend, and he’s a newspaper guy, and I wanted someone like that, I thought, to tell the story. But then I realized after writing maybe six months or a year — well, I went through an entire draft, so it must have been more than a year — from his point of view, I realized that this book was not — I mean, his voice was not telling the story I wanted to tell. His voice could only tell what had happened, this guy had been killed, but he couldn’t tell it from the point of view of the characters, whose voices I wanted to hear, and that is why I chose to write the story over from that multiple point of view, starting out with an innocent little boy who does not know what is going on, and then gradually going to older people and people who knew what had happened and why it had happened.