It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything that’s publishable. My latest novel is seven years ago now, almost eight years ago. I have something in mind. It’s Louisiana again. I suppose by now, I could have written something about California. I’ve tried to write about California. I tried to write a ghost story. I tell people that it was so vivid that I scared myself, but that’s not really true. It was just bad stuff. I tried to write Bohemian life, about my Bohemian life in San Francisco, but I was not very good at that because I couldn’t take the sandwiches and the wine all the time. I’ve tried to write about my Army experience. I was stationed on Guam for a year, but I found that I was writing too much, or I was repeating Mr. Roberts or something like that. So I had to come back to Louisiana, and it’s been sort of difficult to get a novel about Louisiana, but I think I have something in mind now that might eventually turn into a novel. It’s about time. I know my agent is asking me, and some of my fans are asking me, and I know my editor is asking me, “When is the next one coming out?” I don’t know when. I should hope that within the next couple of years at least. That would be exactly ten years since A Lesson Before Dying came out, but A Lesson Before Dying came out ten years after A Gathering of Old Men. So maybe I’m one of these every-ten-years publishing writers. There was a time when I wrote four books in ten years, but now it’s much harder to do.