After I had been up in the mountains about three or four weeks, suddenly a troop of — I think it was five — of the native police of Indonesia appeared in my camp. And they had a letter which said that the governor of New Guinea and the Moluccas — that was one person — couldn’t allow that a person of such distinction as I — because I had letters from the German government — to be unprotected, and these five police soldiers should protect me against these dreadful natives. Of course, I had gotten on fine with the natives. I couldn’t see any danger at all, but these soldiers, every evening they just became guardians of the entrances to my little camp so that nobody could enter it and do something to me. Pretty soon they saw all sorts of things happening there. They were terribly scared of the natives and pretty soon shooting started. “Oh, but we saw something and we had to shoot at it.” I was really annoyed and I was also a little bit concerned because I felt maybe there is something to all of this, and one night they woke me up after another shooting spell and said, “We just shot somebody.” And I said, “Oh, my God, that’s the end of my expedition here.” I said, “Where is he?” So they took me across a little brook that was alongside my camp and I looked around with a kerosene lamp and I couldn’t see anything. There wasn’t anybody there.