After I’d been a little while in this first collecting place, I realized that every bird the natives saw and that they had shot, they knew the name. So I recorded the Latin name that I knew and the name the natives gave me. Since they knew birds so well — I had three little bird guns — I gave them to the natives, and I told them always when they came with a particularly rare bird, let’s say a nieda, I said, “Well, I want more nieda,” and then they went out and they brought back nieda, and not the common stuff, you know. And at the end, when I finally summarized everything, I found that I had in this locality collected 137 species of birds, and the natives had given me the names of 136 of these. There were only two little nondescript-looking little warblers, green warblers, which they had given the same name to the two different species. And I’m sure if I had gotten the right kind of an old man, he would have been able to have the name of that 137th species.