Very often I see a statement made by somebody which clearly to me is wrong, and then I work out what is the real right answer, and this happens to me very often. Of course, some of these answers that I find are already in the literature, but sometimes I am the first one who makes that discovery and I think this attention to wrong statements and endeavor to correct them is part of the answer. I always think about things, and if something puzzles me… Well, that of course was one of Darwin’s secrets. Whenever something puzzled him, he tried find a theory. He made a conjecture, as (Karl) Popper would call it, and see if it worked out and that’s true even today. I go walking with a friend every day and constantly he’s amazed at me. I see something and I begin to ask questions. Why are these big rocks here? There shouldn’t be any big rocks here, you know. Things like that.   I like to ask questions and I think that is part of the secret of my success, that I’ll ask questions and occasionally I’ll find a very good answer.