On one of my bird watching excursions, and I went out to the field almost every day after I finished the gymnasium, I saw — on a pond — I saw a duck with a red bill, and I said, “I’ve never heard of a duck with a red bill. What can this possibly be?” And I dashed back on my bicycle to the town of Dresden, where we were living at the time, and tried to find somebody to confirm it because I said, “Well, if somebody else doesn’t see it, nobody will ever believe that I saw such a thing.” And, of course, I couldn’t find anybody, and eventually, at the meeting of the Dresden Ornithological Society, I met a pediatrician who said to me, “Well, I don’t know whether you saw this or not, but why don’t you tell it to Germany’s leading ornithologist, Professor Stresemann in Berlin?” And I said, “Well, how should I ever get in touch with him?” And he said, “Well, that’s easy. He and I are very good friends. We studied together. I’ll write you a letter of introduction and when you go to your university town you have to go through Berlin anyhow to change trains. Why don’t you stop for a while and see him,” and so forth. And so I did.