There wasn’t an ah-ha moment in the sense that it wasn’t obvious how to do this. I had to think about it quite a bit. But it became obvious to me when I did think. But you think about, “How do you create something that’s never before existed in the biological world?” and do it on a time scale, using evolution, on a time scale of days or weeks, not eons, not millions of years, with one graduate student and not an army of graduate students. How do you do it so fast that you actually can get something done? And that’s what took thought, and that’s why my methods work, because I had this engineering — “do the simplest possible thing” and the most efficient way to go about it. Somehow I was able to lay that out and implement it and be the first ever to do that. And that’s why I got the Nobel Prize. It probably would have been done later by somebody else, but I actually did it first. And it worked the way that I laid it out. Worked — and that’s the method that’s the general approach that people have taken since to do similar things.