Something that C.S. Lewis writes beautifully about — C.S. Lewis had a big influence on me in this spiritual realm — this sort of sense of longing. A longing for a knowledge that is just outside of our reach, a knowledge for a spiritual connection that you know must be really important because you feel the need for it but you’re not quite sure what it is you’re longing for. A longing to know the answer to is there a God, and what is that God like, and does God care about me, and should I be spending more time thinking about that? I think longing is, in many ways, the thing that drives all of us in whatever we do, a longing for a scientist to make a discovery, to know something that wasn’t known before, just to get your experiment to work, and when that is satisfied, even temporarily — because it’s always temporary, yeah, that longing has led you somewhere that feels pretty good.  But there’s a certain part of human longing that we all know will never be fully satisfied while we’re walking around on this planet, a longing for something more eternal, more out of reach, more numinous, as some would say. A sense that it’s there, that it’s just a little bit out of our grasp, is not something that we can get past.