The grips will tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing, or the camera operator, or the cameraman. Everybody. I mean, when you go on a set — that’s one of the reasons George Lucas never directed again. No one knows this, but when he made Star Wars over there in England — George is sort of a little, skinny version of me, you know, and he doesn’t have the most physical kind of stamina. And he was so ridiculed — you know, that kind of jock-like attitude that crews can have — putting him down for what he was doing and stuff. He was so unhappy making Star Wars that he just vowed he’d never do it again. Plus, he was like diabetic, so he was a little sick. That’s why someone today said, you ought to love what you’re doing because — especially in a movie — you really have to love the project and love the story, because over time you really will start to hate it. And the fact that you say, “Gee, but I really like what this is about,” is a very valuable asset.