I went off, and I don’t know why I was in Paris, but I was in Paris, staying up all night writing this Gatsby script, and that’s when The Godfather opened. And it was this enormous success! So I would just get a phone call and they’d say, “Oh yeah, it’s going great! Everyone loved it!” I’d say, “Oh, yeah, really? I can’t get this script done.” It’s ironic that probably the greatest moment of my career, certainly at age 32 or so, making The Godfather, having such enormous success, wasn’t even one that I was aware of, because I was somewhere else and I was, again, under the deadline. Certainly, it was a wonderful night when we won all those Oscars for Godfather II, because at first, that picture came out, and people, they really didn’t like it too much. But I have to be honest, that I associate my motion picture career more with being unhappy, and being scared, or being troubled, or being under the gun, and not at all with anything pleasant.