I showed him the three pages I wrote that night, which was of course the most garish kind of action scene I could come up with. And he said, “Okay.” And I went off. He gave me a check for $20,000. He sent me with a young woman who had worked on the production who was going to be the co-signer — and I went to Ireland. When I was in Ireland, I met another producer, and I said I was making a film for Roger, and this guy offered to buy the English rights for another $20,000. So I had now $40,000. Roger, of course, expected to get his $20,000 back, still make the movie for the 20 with the English rights, and get the film for free. But I sort of just duped him. I took both checks and I put it in the bank. And I had this young woman sign the check, and I just kind of made the amount to the whole amount, so she basically was out of the check signing. Then I made the movie for $40,000, which was this little black-and-white horror film called Dementia 13, which we made in about nine days.