Frank Gehry: I also create crises myself. As I’m working, I’ll get finished and feel very satisfied about the direction something’s going. And then a day later I find, in my head, I figure out some kind of missing link — something I wasn’t aware of — that unnerves me. Then it blows it all up in my mind and I come in in a very bad mood and don’t know what to do. And I pull the team around. I have a lot of talent here in the club so to speak, and I get a lot of support from them. So that’s been helpful. But I think it’s healthy to question. Usually it turns out better after I go through this thing. You start on a track with the beginnings of an idea, and then I’m searching for how to manifest it and I try a lot of things. Sometimes things look like I’ve seen them before, or they feel lacking in importance or integrity or whatever stuff, whatever yard sticks I have in my head that I keep applying. And they change too.