Frank Johnson: They set a bomb off under (my mother’s) car port. That was a few years after my father died. She had just gone upstairs from her kitchen and the bomb blew the windows out of the kitchen, all the way across the breakfast room, through the dining room and the other side of the house. She didn’t get hurt, and she didn’t get scared. She didn’t get intimidated. When I went over there a few minutes later, after I’d been called by the FBI, I said, “Mother, you ought to come over and spend the night with us.” She said, “I’m not leaving my home. I’m staying right here.” She refused to leave. She was a Kirkwood. Scottish. Tough. The FBI never did solve that case until about a year ago. I found out who did it. He was a Klansman. A big Klan leader from over here in Mississippi. He came over here and put it under there. I notified them formally as to who did it and where he lived. He’s moved to Virginia now, and he’s become an evangelist! Put “evangelist” in quotes. They went up and interviewed him, and I have a copy of the interview. So, he’s the one that did it. But they didn’t discover it. I found out about it.