I had to show what happened to this young man, me, who I hope would be a prototype for all immigrants. What happened to me. How I made my way through New York, which is a fearful place to get through, and how accidentally certain things happened, and how I made certain things happen. That’s kind of a balance. Some things happen to you. I made certain decisions. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to be a cop, that I wasn’t going to be a bartender. That I wasn’t going to stay in some menial job for the rest of my — because of my anger. I’m better than this. And most people know they’re better than that. So I had to go to college. I was saved, as I said, by the Chinese attacking Korea and then getting the GI Bill when I got out of the Army. This story, how all of these things happened to me, is the story of the next book, which is called ‘Tis.