My dream has been fulfilled: to have come to this country, to have taught. The day I retired from teaching, again, was one of the most satisfying days of my life and it was sad, but when I — the day I retired, I went home and I was by myself and I was having a glass of wine. I was thinking about the lunch the teachers gave me that day. The retirement lunch. And I was able to look back on that life, that 30 years in the classroom, and say — I was able to congratulate myself. I’m glad I did that. That was good. I felt useful, that I don’t think I would have felt if I had gone into business or something like that. So that was — that was that deep satisfaction that I had, that I had followed some kind of a daily — what would you call it?– discipline. And I was dealing with kids, and I hope that I had been of some use, of some help. You never know. But they’ve told me. I meet the kids, former students, and they tell me that I was of help. So that and publishing the book. What more can a man ask for?