I had a chemistry master in school — this was Brownsmith School in Dorset — and he let me come to the labs and do some chemistry, sort of semi-research. He let me play about in the lab and help him, and I found this absolutely fascinating. You could play about in a lab with these things and get these beautiful crystals, and this really got me rather hooked on chemistry, and you know, I spent much more time than I should have on this instead of, you know, getting on with my physics and chemistry which I would have to study. When I came to Cambridge, I took various subjects, and I was very excited to find that there was a new subject called bio-chemistry. There really hadn’t been such a subject before, and it seemed to me that it would be very exciting if you could really understand living matter in terms of chemistry and exact science, and then you really might be able to improve medical practice, a more scientific approach, and I think that has probably been a real influence on me.