In my case, I think one of the important things was not to get too discouraged, really. You know, you’re doing new things which haven’t been done before, and very often, more often than not, I think, they don’t come to anything. They’re not failures, you try something and it doesn’t work, and some people, you know, get fed up with this, and I’ve known some of my friends and colleagues who have just decided to give up science because they can’t stand it, but I’ve always decided, you know, if it doesn’t work, forget it and start planning the next experiment, and that’s always exciting. And you know, you can have fun with that, and I think a certain amount of persistence is necessary there, that you’ve really got to keep trying and keep enjoying it, and I think, if you don’t enjoy it, I think it doesn’t often succeed much, but to actually enjoy the work is, I think, an important factor, and it’s always been great fun for me to do, even in the bad times. And the other thing, I think, is this — you know, you’ve got to be sure that truth is the number one thing that you’re looking for and don’t get into some theory which you can’t prove and try and set it.