Frederick Sanger: Well, I think the human genome is the thing that’s going on very rapidly at the moment, of course. This sequencing method which I developed is being very much automated and improved, and people are using it in many countries, and they’re really getting on with working out these sequences. And what it tells you, you see, is what is the instruction book, really, for the human body. I mean DNA is what we are, really. I mean we are DNA, and DNA can make us, makes the whole body, puts everything in the right place and puts all the proteins in their right places and controls everything that goes on. So, to understand medical science, I think, to understand the DNA is important, and particularly in genetic diseases, where there is a change, probably, in the sequence of the DNA, which is causing trouble, and already, of course, they have found some of these things and they know what genes are involved, and the big challenge now is to see if you can use this knowledge to prevent diseases and to make life happier.