CQ Brown, Jr.: [I] know I was going to be an engineer, you know, it was going to be – I was in a five-year program because I am working into a degree program in architecture and civil engineering. And so, it was when I went to summer camp for ROTC, in that camp I wanted to – I got a chance to fly a NAT-37, one of our trainer aircraft. And once I had a chance to do that it was one of those were God, that was, that was so cool. I didn’t do it earlier partly because it was a commitment, longer service commitment associated with that, and as I came into college at 17, I’m not so sure I wanted to do a five-year program and another seven years to age 29, but once I did that and it really, it really hit me, and then I looked around at the others, and they had pilot slots. And I’m fairly competitive, and I go, ‘Well, if they’re getting one of those, I think I can get one.’ And that’s when it really piqued my interested in the flying.