CQ Brown, Jr.: I mean, it’s why I serve. It’s what we believe about the values of our country. And – Good or bad. You know, in every situation there’s going to be some good and some bad, but I think there’s more good than bad. And that when I look at the United States and those that serve, we do this for a reason because we enjoy serving, we have a higher calling to be able to serve our nation. And there may be some things we don’t, disagree with or maybe weren’t treated as fairly as we thought in some cases, but you got to look at it from a very broad perspective. And if you throw in the towel because you come against a challenge, then it’s not worth fighting for. And so, that’s why I really believe in some cases you’ve got to get through some of these challenges to prove some, some things wrong, you know, and be able to make the case and be – In some cases, you got to be a little vocal about some of these. And it may not happen right away. You actually sometimes have to be very consistent and persistent to actually drive change. And I mean, that’s something I’ve carried with me throughout my Air Force career is, you know, I don’t stop at the first no, I talk about the five stages of grief, I talk about the five stages of no. Hell no, no, we’ll think about, not a bad idea, we should be doing it already. You got to get through all five stages. If it’s something you really believe in you got to get all through all five stages. If you stop at the first hell no, then it’ll never happen, it’ll never happen. You got to continue to push forward particularly if it’s something in your heart of hearts, you really believe in, you got to get through all five stages.