CQ Brown, Jr.: You get away. You get away from email, you get away from just – you compartmentalize a lot and be able to get out. And I think one of the things I’ve always remembered is on a day when it’s really cloudy and it’s raining, and you take off, and you pop through the clouds into the sunshine. It’s those kinds of things that, you know, that most people don’t get a chance to see, get a chance to experience.
And being at the controls of an airplane where you’re almost one with the airplane and it’s, you know, and the F-16, that I’ve flew most of my career, you sit up pretty high. It’s almost riding a magic carpet in some aspects and you, you get so – you and the airplane become one. And that to me is enjoyable where you can actually take an airplane, particularly a fighter like that, and have it do some things and be able to be so in one with the aircraft. And then also just to be, just to see the beauty of nature from above that you don’t get a chance to, most folks don’t get a chance to enjoy on a regular basis.