CQ Brown, Jr.: I think in flying, just even in combat or just day to day, you need to, you need to walk under a little bit of apprehension because if you walk in with too much confidence, you’re going to do something that you’re going to, you know, you either make a mistake or put yourself in a situation you probably shouldn’t be in. And so, I always flew with a bit of apprehension. The thing about combat is it’s when you have a team of airmen and a joint team that come together and being able to execute a plan. It’s the precision of the plan and how all that comes together. And I almost equate it to sports. I’m a huge NFL fan. And so just watching how a game plan can come together and be able to execute and know that you can count on different aspects, whether it’s the tankers that are going to be there to give you gas, or it’s going to be the command and control aircraft that’s going to be there to kind of point out where the threats are, or it’s your wingman that’s flying with you, or the opportunity to, you know, lead a large package of strike package of aircraft, you know, be at the leading edge of, you know, a 20 ship package, and know that you’ve laid out a plan that everybody is doing their part. Those are the kinds of things that excite me of the aspect – And then you’re making a difference. You’re doing things in support of our national objectives. And those are, those – That’s another part of the beauty of watching people who are all dedicated to come together to make things, make things happen. That is another part of this that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout my career.