CQ Brown, Jr.: It was probably when I was in high school, in, you know, junior high school as, you know when you start getting report cards with the grades on them and how they really focused on grades and your work ethic. And then just watching the work ethic from my parents and they became a role model for me. So, it’s those kind of things where they push you and then put you in situations and expose you to things. And one of the things that I did 7th through 9th grade in Germany. You know, I’ll never forget this, but my dad always said, ‘You’re going to get see things that most kids only read about.’ And because of that, they did things and provided us experiences as we were growing up. And because of those experiences, you know, it helped to broaden us and it helped to challenge us. And those are the things that I think really helped me to be broader as a person and as an individual.