CQ Brown, Jr.: One area that I really believe and have thought through throughout my career, and I think it also applies to me, you only aspire to be what you see. And if you don’t see an African American pilot, then you’re not inclined to go, ‘I can do that.’ If you’re not exposed to it to have the opportunity and, you know, the ride, my opportunity to go fly a T-37 really changed the trajectory in my life and my career. If I had not had that opportunity I don’t know if I would decided to become a pilot. Matter of fact, when I decided I wanted to do this I was told I’d lose my scholarship. I was told to sit on it for a semester, and I did, and I came back and go, ‘I still want to do this.’ And so, it’s one of those areas where for your young people if they’re not, don’t have the opportunity to see it they can’t, they can’t be it. And you don’t have – and this is why, in some cases, you find different demographics gravitate to different career fields based on what they’ve seen or what their parents did because that’s kind of the family business or this is what their aunts and uncles and cousins or brother and sisters have done. And so, that’s why in the Air Force what we’re trying to do today is actually expose more young people of different backgrounds to aviation.