After a lot of struggling and sort of reflection I realized that the time you have to give is now, regardless of how old you are. It’s kind of a realization because one is kind of — “You mean I’m in that position already?” It’s sort of a way of saying, “Oh my gosh, I’m one of them! I’m one of those old guys that gives libraries to schools and things, and here I am, only 20 or 27.” And I think I’ve seen again a lot of people go through this, who are working so hard, they wake up one day and realize that those things that they said, “I’ll do that someday, I’ll do that someday.” Well, that someday is today. And if you have the means to do it, then this is the time to do it. And it’s a little hard to do when you’re building up your nest egg so to speak, your security blanket, to give it away. You know, my feeling is if you can’t give the time away, you should give part of your resources away.