I think one of the reasons that Steven (Spielberg) and I have been as successful as we have is because we like the movies. We like to go to the movies. We enjoy movies and we want to make movies like the ones we enjoy. We want to be able to entertain the audience. We want to be able to startle the audience. We want to be able to blow the audience away and say — have them walk out of the theater saying, “Whoa, that was fantastic, I was really moved by that.” That’s where part of the fun of it is. And, you know, you want people to think. You want people to be emotionally moved. And there’s a theory behind that in terms of storytelling. It has been around for thousands of years. And that’s where something like live theater or a live performance is something that is very valuable because you get instant feedback from your audience and you kind of know the things that work and the things that don’t work. That’s the advantage that the Greek storytellers had and Shakespeare had, that us in the film industry are — that’s harder to come by. Which is to be able to see an audience reaction and then adjust to what works. So you have to use your experience of sitting through a lot of movies.