Hank Aaron: Satchel and I — he was before my time of course — but I happened to play with him the last part of his career, thanks to Bill Bartholomew, who was the Chairman of the Board and owned the ball club at the time. He brought him back so he could be eligible to collect his pension. I got to know him pretty well. Very smart, very wise man, very smart. Just was saddened that he didn’t play in the big leagues a lot longer than he could have, simply because of the color of his skin. But he talked an awful lot about — he did a lot of bragging, bragging, bragging and he could brag, because from what I gather from other black ball players who played with him, they say he was probably one of the greatest pitchers that ever toed the rubber. Very, very, very knowledgeable of the game. Even at his age, and I think Satchel must have been somewhere close to the last year — I’m talking about the year that I played with him — that he came back to the league, he must have been in his 70s. And at that time — and I’m not exaggerating, Satchel could still throw the ball very, very well — and for someone to be out there catching the ball and throwing it as well as he did, that tells me one thing. If he had been given the opportunity to play like everybody else, he’d have probably did wonders.